Why does the founder lead a spiritual pseudonym?

Although Wellenhand of Atlantis grew up in middle-class relationships, in which social endeavor sought more well-endowed careers, there were nevertheless various influences of a spiritual-mystical nature. Especially about his two grandmothers (maternal half-Spaniard, paternal half-Indian). They brought him into contact with spiritual events since his early childhood.

His spiritual name von 'Atlantis' is therefore based on an intense experience with an aunt (also of Indian descent). One day she came to him and unexpectedly handed him a golden “handle cross” (a so-called Ankh). She mentioned that on an Egyptian trip it was handed over to her by an old man with the remark that she had to hand it over to the 'Doctor of Atlantis'. He did not want anything in exchange for it and disappeared immediately after that message. Not knowing at first who the mysterious courier meant, she meditated several times about it. Suddenly, while she was in a trance, a clear hint personifying her nephew Wellenhand appeared. And that is how he became the recipient of that symbol of survival in the hereafter.


Thanks to several mentors, he gradually cultivated his interest in metaphysics more and more. For example, when Wellenhand lived in the lonely Ardennes of Luxembourg for a few years, he met the neuropsychiatrist and Belgian hypnosis pioneer Jean Dierkens. That emeritus professor of the Universities of Mons and Brussels was also a mystic and dedicated Hermetic. He encouraged Wellenhand to increase his theoretical and practical knowledge and to rigorously intensify the studies of the hidden sciences in order to use that knowledge and skills during his lifetime for the benefit of the living beings.