How does the HenKaiPan perfect a personality?


The founder of HenKaiPan, the hermetic nature philosopher Wavehand von Atlantis, grew up in the former Helvetian ethos of the defence of neutrality. The initial Helvetians were a Celtic tribe that had to assert themselves against the superiority of the Roman invaders. This attitude resonates in the philosophical concept of HenKaiPan.

Thus, every free man shall be considered as an individual territory whose sovereignty has to be neutral and, if necessary, has to be mentally and physically protected. 

Just as one should treat one's fellow human beings with respect, one must also demand this respect for oneself. If someone violates this personal integrity by crossing a natural border, this grievance must be clarified. And in a straightforward way.
In doing so, one should never look too scared. It is true that as an older or younger person, as a sick, frail, injured, handicapped or otherwise weaker reason one may be mentally and physically inferior in an attack. But as long as one is not completely unable to persevere and even fight, one should not give up. Neither psychically nor physically.

This creates both a sublime and reverent feeling, both for one's own dignity as well as for the dignity of all beings of natural creation. This priceless value is always to be fostered with the necessary resources and to be cultivated everywhere. And that ultimately means mental health.

Those who experience the destructive, also soon get to know the constructive. That is the archetypal principle of healing in every form. Because he who learns how something is destroyed, can produce exactly the reverse effect when changing the mental attitude and the physical dose. Therefore, anyone who tries, in this way, to perfect himself as a conscious individual, is in a wonderful position to help others and to support them in their life journey.

The maturing of a life-oriented personality takes place through four elements:


Anything disciplined, hence consistent, regular and therefore sustainable, balances mental and physical performance fluctuations. Of course, sometimes it is easier, then it is a little harder again. Discipline helps to balance the extremes. If one is euphoric, one controls the overflowing feelings. If one feels depressed, one gets back into life with optimism.

Engaging with diligence and passion ultimately brings inner peace and outward success. This is because you can look back on your own performance with satisfaction. Such stages are the milestones of an energetic lifestyle.

Willingness to use the intellect deliberately serves to engage in actions efficiently and efficiently. For one must not forget that the mind, by all means, is equivalent to a weapon, which is to be understood, trained and controlled.

Being friendly, attentive and sensitive towards others not only promotes social skills, but also, to the same degree, individual development. People who are trully mentally and physically strengthened have a certain amount of self-confidence. And this creates the clearly recognizable charisma of consciously realized expressiveness.