Degree System

One successively completes the following degrees of mental and / or physical training in the following order:

Lower Cycle


1. White = 20 lessons:
To start, the purpose of this level is to develop the necessary and always valid foundations right from the beginning.
2. Yellow = 30 lessons:
In this degree, one practices different individual areas and connects them with the time.
3. Orange = 40 lessons:
In the orange degree one works inductively. This means, one increasingly understands individual details in contexts.
Advanced Level

4. Green = 50 lessons:
All the basics that you have received previously, will be repeated again and again in a deep and extended form.
5. Blue = 60 lessons:
During this phase, one consistently provides oneself an interconnected overview of the spiritual and / or physical path of the HenKaiPan doctrine.

6. Violet = 70 lessons:
Now, the process goes constantly deeper inside an increasingly complex theory and practice. This is practiced until the conceptual (but never only mechanical) processes are, metaphorically speaking, 'mastered in one’s sleep'.

7. Brown = 80 lessons:
From here, the demanding phase of the mastery begins. If one has made it to this degree, that in definitely proves an excellent performance so far. The brown degree means that one is on the last stretch to the end. mind and / or body will be polished extra intensely during this period. At the end of this exhausting time, both psychic and physical training require completion of an exam. Only those who pass the necessary requirements in both disciplines are deservedly chosen to be masters of the HenKaiPan.

8. Black:
With the black degrees, both the mental and physical degree, one is elevated to the level of 'saji' (meaning 'wise' in Ido language, 'saja' for wise women and 'sajo' for wise men).

Personalities which have reached this level can rightly call themselves 'extraordinary'. Since it takes a lot of willpower and strength of character to get to this point.

The HenKaiPan consciously addresses people who express their elite attitude in the form of natural humility and modesty. The stronger one has become mentally and physically, the less it is necessary to demonstrate this to the outside world. One proves this special mental superiority by meaningful acts in favor of other living beings.


  From this point on, there are several possible options:


A) One lives and works as one independently thinks in one's own direction, whereby the HenKaiPan can become the more active or the more passive part of the daily work, according to personal discretion. Saji are confident and superior. Therefore, they arrive always and everywhere, if they act responsibly.

B) Signing up for the courses dedicated solely to Saja Masters and Sajo Masters to learn the spiritual-metaphysical foundations of HenKaiPan. If interested, on the website it can be communicated in depth exactly what this is about. Those who successfully complete these mastery courses are entitled to work in an extended manner. Namely, a so-called Trimonist Lodge may officially be taken over, or even opened and set up. In addition, a profane counseling in a special form for the fellow human beings is also possible.

C) Those Saji of the HenKaiPan, who successfully lead such a lodge for at least three years, are elevated to the Grand Master level of the Grandsaji. From now on they belong to the inner circle of the HenKaiPan (called 'Meritat' from Meritum = achievement / earning and habitat = living space / life form).