What does the apprenticeship of HenKaiPan involve?


A constructive, empowered personality will gradually gain the certainty of leading a meaningful life through discipline, willpower, and dedication. Through targeted training, both mental and physical, the characteristics of personal dignity can be masterfully developed and used for the benefit of humanity.

The HenKaiPan apprenticeship involves a two-pronged strategy, which can initially take place separately, but then leads to the goal in the form of synthesis:

The physical path:

It teaches a stringently logical and efficient martial arts system. It's about the four, K 'of a healthy and resilient body = strength, stamina, coordination & concentration (German: Kraft, Kondition, Koordination & Konzentration).

The spiritual path:

Here, comprehensive knowledge of human psychosomatics is imparted. It is about the search, realization and realization of the individual human being and his life task.


Very effective methods of trance are imparted. And this in a threefold way = analytical trance (past of the individual), treating trance (presence of the individual) & programmatic trance (future of the individual).

Each of the two paths can initially be learned by itself. A trial lesson is free. Then, one completes ten lessons of 75 minutes each. This introduction serves as orientation and to make a decision between the spiritual or the physical or, at best, even both educational paths at the same time.