What is HenKaiPan about?

A committed personality, convinced by the creative nature, is responsible for constantly improving individual abilities. This gradually increases its own dignity. It forms the core of what is commonly referred to as the soul. If the dignity withers, then the soul dies!


In this path of searching, knowledge and realization of the individual, one is constantly exposed to obstacles, temptations, humiliations and other distractions. To avoid this, sometimes it is attempted to interchange external prestige with inner dignity. It is believed that life can be made easier by the accumulation of socially recognized things, such as diplomas, titles or even real assets. But that's only superficially beneficial. Ultimately it remains a fallacy.


For the appropriation and representation of prestige contains rather deceptive security because such things are only confirmed by external authorities. If, therefore, something prestigious is certified (perhaps through a socially recognized authority), this cannot actually provide reputation, since something external is only able to provide something external. It is therefore merely a hollow framework without life. So, unless external prestige is balanced out by an inner, dignified attitude, such a 'clayey' shell will eventually break.


In contrast to honor, dignity cannot be granted from the outside. It is something innate. Only you can discover, nurture and protect yourself. This is never easy and requires mental and physical strength. But above all, a lot of work!