Who can instantly benefit from the HenKaiPan?


Cultural upheavals, as they are currently observed worldwide, usually also generate economic, social and political upheavals. Ultimately, such changes always take place on the backs of hard-working, peaceful, restrained and modest ones. Above all, they happen at the expense of the weakest of a particular society.
The philanthropic teaching of HenKaiPan also serves the disadvantaged and in need. It is especially about four groups:


Namely, those who

1.     still cannot (= unborn babies, toddlers, children and adolescents and thus expectant, lactating and caring mothers or caring adults)

2.     never can (= mentally and / or physically disabled)

3.     temporarily cannot (= sick and accident victims, as well as involuntary unemployed and persecuted)

4.     no longer can (= old and frail as well as demented).


All people who do not belong to these four groups are self-responsible, according to the HenKaiPan ideal. And thus demanded, to mobilize everything available to the best of their knowledge and conscience, in order to meet this high demand of social service. This ultimately forms a secure mental framework, even in an always unpredictable future.


Saji (wise masters of the HenKaiPan) are therefore to be regarded as a humanistic achievement elite, because over time they learn to overcome self-centered claims, by discovering their individual life task and making it arable for the benefit of other living beings.