What is the purpose of the HenKaiPan in society?

A human society that considers itself civilized should not ignore the ones that are truly needy and deprived, independently of what social class they are in. Of course, all trully vulnerable creatures belong to this concept, including plants and animals.

The disregard of this principle always means the downfall of a culture. The ideal of protection is therefore the noblest task of a chivalrous human being and thus of a master of this unique doctrine, applied both theoretically and practically.

The essence of a neutral preservation of individual integrity is the ideal of a defensive attitude and at the same time a progressive attitude. One never deliberately attacks someone but defends oneself and others, conform the real possibilities, at any time and any place. Consequently, with everything intellectually available, and (if necessary) also with the physically available means.
However, this is not about maintaining a position and opinion that is at most only marked by pride, but about maintaining dignity.

This results from the fact that everything is connected with everything. The individual and individual is thus always the whole and the divine.

Not to be confused is the aspect of dignity with that of honor. Dignity is inward and innate, while honor can be acquired from outside during life.

Not arrogance and displeasure, but grace and humility are consequently the landmarks of a noble ethos. And this is irreplaceable and therefore the only true fortune of a human being. Dignity is to be equated with the soul!

Note: He who honors living beings, honors and ennobles himself. He who degrades and disapproves of them, dishonors himself.