How are the costs for the lessons and possible utensils designed?

A 75-minute lesson including both the mental and physical path of the HenKaiPan currently costs € 12 (VAT is included in the price). The first trial lesson is free for both apprenticeships. If you decide to take part in the course, you shall purchase a subscription in advance, which includes 40 lessons at a price of 480 €.

A 40 lessons subscription is valid for exactly 2 years, starting always from the date of purchase. This means that you have enough time complete it through regular training. Both the path of the mind and the path of the body require 360 lessons (= 9 x 40 lesson subscriptions). If you want to develop the mastery of HenKaiPan, you must complete a total of 720 lessons and lastly complete a double exam.

Those who do not complete the lessons or only complete them partially don’t have the right to compensation. After two years at the latest, a new subscription on the same terms must be purchased. This has the purpose of encouraging the students to consistently participate in the training.

What else do you have to pay attention to?

With the purchase of each subscription, you confirm that you are independently responsible for a liability / accident insurance. The headquarters or the training management assumes no liability for accidents or damage of any kind.

Signing up for each of the training units can be done freely. The lessons will take place after agreement. Agreed lessons must be canceled, at the latest, the day before the lesson (except in very urgent cases). If someone fails to take part on agreed lessons without legitimate justification, these lessons still must be paid for, however they will not be considered as completed training sessions.

You should preferably complete at least two lessons in a row. However, this is not mandatory. The lessons can be divided to a great extent according to your own possibilities. The more intensively someone works, the sooner the milestones will be reached.  


The cognitive and physical teaching lessons take place alone or in small groups. Both options have their advantages.

The official dress is obligatory for both paths of the HenKaiPan education as of the the white degree. This has the purpose of also internalizing the required discipline on the appearance. The clothing developed for both paths of the dual doctrine is practical and inexpensive. It emphasizes the degree badge, which is also to be worn during the lesson. Further information can be provided at the headquarters.