Who is the founder of HenKaiPan?

The nature-philosopher, Wellenhand von Atlantis, was born on November 16, 1959 in Atlanta and grew up in Switzerland.

After completing an apprenticeship in medical hypnotherapy and psychology, he opened a practice to research psychosomatic causes. He published numerous articles (for example, as a co-author of "Modern Suggestion Methods" from the Springer Verlag). He also gave lectures regularly (for example, in the Medical Center in Bad Ragaz).

During this time, he experimented intensively with various natural remedies. Based on this experience, he developed and taught the Interdisciplinary Communication Analysis (INKOAN (German)), with which he earned his doctorate at the Faculty of Philosophy of the Commonwealth Open University.

In his personal life, the founder of HenKaiPan expermiented in depth with art. He received an associate professorship for his work in this field at the András Pető College in Budapest.


As a Druid in the so-called Alterz-degree (that is the membership in the Druidic Elders Council), Wellenhand von Atlantis made it his mission to not only live and impart the millennia-old tradition of the philosophy of nature, but also to further develop it (he was or is a member of various humanistic institutions, such as the Society for Critical Philosophy, the Fifty-One Club International, the WorldWideWeb Consortium, the Euro-Loge, the German Society for Information and Knowledge, the Wikimedia organization, the International Grand Lodge of Druidism, the Celtic Druidic Community and the Druid Network).


Examples of natural philosophy or its representatives are the Taoists (Lao Tzu) or the so-called pre-Socratics, such as Pythagoras, Heraclitus or Thales. Like the real Druids, they formed a long chain of people to whom natural creation is a divine model.


The most important principle of all natural philosophies consists in the assumption of the eternal and infinite cycles of existence, both in the micro cosmos (the smallest) and in the macro cosmos (the largest). Eternity is transcended time and infinity of transformed space. This is also the basis for the cosmology of Wellenhand, which he describes under the title 'TRIMONISM'.