What are the sense and purpose of HenKaiPan?

For every human being, death inevitably becomes the measure of one's own actions. Since this aspect is speculative, but nevertheless indispensable, it is important to be self-responsible and to concentrate on an individually appropriate lifestyle at any time and at any place. The available life span should therefore be used intensively and meaningfully. The Druids expressed it this way: "Death is the center of a long life".

In order to successfully implement and enforce such an unquestionably ambitious intention, the principles of sword and shield are used in a practical-concrete sense as well as in a philosophical-symbolic sense. These principles correspond to two important polarities of existence.


The HenKaiPan helps to understand the deeper meaning of these contrasts over concrete applications, both mental and physical. For sword (= thesis) and shield (= antithesis) form a superordinate synthesis whose natural logic, if implemented consistently and systematically, constructively influences all other skills and activities of a personality. This can be demonstrated, for example, in the refined treatment of other people as well as in the improved practice of a fulfilling occupation or passionate hobbies.