What is the HenKaiPan based on?

The cognitive and physical path of HenkaiPan is based on the natural philosophy of TRIMONISM (www.trimonism.org). Hereby, this ancient, yet at the same time completely new ideology is not placed in the foreground before nor during the black double degree of the mastery.

One should first commit to and pass the two purely exoteric (external) paths of the mental thesis and the physical antithesis in order to become aware of this great challenge and achievement.

A person who experiences the HenKaiPan examines the innermost parts of his or her own soul in order to discover the core of the individual.


If one wants to follow this way to achieve his personal life task in the deepest sense of a spiritually experienced metaphysics, then one should do so whole heartedly and with dedication. The trimonist congregation is available for this purpose. It holds the key to a whole new cosmology and ethics in the cultural areas of philosophy, science and art.

For all intents and purposes, this can be compared with the famous Shaolin monastery in the Chinese province of Henan. As a result, in the monastery one can learn either the specific Chan Buddhism (as a spiritual path) or the Shaolin Kung Fu (as a physical path). Nobody needs to take both directly and both require a lot of discipline. Only the aspiring monks, who want to devote themselves entirely to a contemplative life within the venerable monastery, gradually unite the two aspects on and in themselves.
Consequently, the HenKaiPan can be learned without the ideological foundation of the trimonistic worldview. It by no means misses the desired effect of a spiritual perfection. The trimonism should be explored on its own and completely independently. Only then can a soul decide whether it wants to identify itself with it or not. Thus, the trimonism has neither a dogmatic doctrine, nor is it’s world(universal)view missionized.